These fantastic space-themed further learning materials are packed full of fun activities for Primary school aged children. They are a great supplement to our shows and useful if you are organising a space topic at school…

Battleships on Mars

Battleships with a Martian twist! A fun classroom based activity using basic maps and grid references to find interesting Martian objects. Links with the story of Beagle 2 and the ongoing success of Mars Express.


Colour Change Sunscreen Experiment

A fantastic activity that demonstrates radiation from the Sun and the effectiveness of sun cream. Links with the historical British Ariel 1 satellite that studied the Sun’s radiation in 1962. NOTE: Colour change beads required.


Cool Cosmos – Seeing in a different light

Three different activities that investigate infrared light and how we can “see” it. Great activities for studying temperature, hot and cold. Links with the Herschel Space Observatory.


Make a Mars parachute

This fun activity involves dropping things out of the window – Epic! Links with the exciting future ESA ExoMars mission.


Star Spotting – Make your own Starchart

A simple cut-out planesphere that the children can use to spot constellations in the sky. Links with the Hubble Space Telescope.


Supersized Solar System

This is our favourite activity not just because it uses toilet rolls! It is a fantastic way to demonstrate the huge size of the Solar System and the vast distances between the planets. Links with the ongoing Cassini mission and a great follow up to our Kids in Space show. NOTE: Large space required!


Or Download all of them in one PDF

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