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“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the International Space Station!”

Yes indeed you can see it with your own eyes – no binoculars required!

On certain nights of the year, depending on your location and the spacecraft’s position in orbit, you can see it, a very bright light steadily moving across the clear night’s sky. And if you do manage to spot it, soon you and the rest of the UK will be ever so aware of who is on board; because next year we will have our very own British astronaut representing us on the International Space Station’s ‘Expedition 46’, as he hurtles by 450 miles above us, travelling at a speed faster than a bullet!

The name of the astronaut is Tim Peake and he is currently training in Russia for a 6 month stay on the world’s biggest manmade structure in space. While he is up on the International Space Station, Tim will be (amongst other things) conducting lots of science experiments, growing plants, and hopefully doing a spacewalk.

Last weekend, we were extremely fortunate and excited to meet Tim over Skype! We were filming with Tim for our new exciting space show all about Tim Peake and the International Space Station called “Team Tim”


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On October 9th 2013 NASA’s Juno spacecraft flew past the earth and accomplished a speed of more than 8,800mph, now that is fast!! It looks to rendez-vous with Jupiter the largest planet in our solar system on July 4th 2016.

Photo : NASA/JPL-Caltech


“When I decided to take part I was actually expecting something less fun than this. It was great that this show was so fun and informative / educational at the same time. Both the pupils and myself had a lot of fun on every show.” –  Christina Komliki (Student Engineer)

If you haven’t read this article on our show ‘The biggest rocket ever built’ on the University of Kent’s website then click here to read more



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